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Seeing a significant somebody with abnormal cell growths
Involves a deep-seated emotion or physical sensation or both
The hope gets up and down like a ferris wheel
At times she’s okay as signs and symptoms may reveal

I first got to know her some two years ago
When, one day, people around me at the commons, let me know
I look at her as she embraces an aura of confidence
She walks the walk as she talks the talk , and walks the talk in an informal conversation or in a conference

She starts the day with a prayer for the many
And works the whole day going extra mile , be it skilled or brainy
She looks at every opportunity squarely with panorama
She treats everyone with respect like hermano and hermana

If you just have had the chance to get to know her better
She could be a mother, a friend , or a sister
Her heart occupies a space for unending kindness
In a world full of challenges, she is ready to help with gladness

I may see her strength in a cycle go up and down
But she does not give a fuss nor wear a frown
She offers her suffered afflictions for those who have less in life
Be it material or spiritual , numerical or empirical, in harmony or in strife

How I’ve fervently prayed to God the Almighty
To please heal her adversities, wash them away completely
She’s one of my special intentions as I call on Him everyday
Give her strength and bless her with graces not just from Monday to Friday
but be it Saturday or Sunday

I trust in the Lord deep down in my heart , in the abyss of my mind
His ways may be mysterious but with genuine love entwined
Let us pat each others’ shoulders as we trod along this labyrinth, a short journey
Let’s treat each other fairly and tag others with us towards Him eternally.



My body and spirit were brought up high by the crew
As the plane flew through and through
Like clouds defined by the way they look
How high they are in tranquil blending above the atmosphere’s nook

Breathtaking clouds enveloped me what an awesome memorable scene
From stratus to Cirrus Cumulonimbus
Nimbostratus Cumulus Stratucumulus in between

Hail Oh Holy Queen what a distraction I have been
His mercy is forevermore even though
Life is full of sin

Some good things may never last
No matter how you, with efforts, try to keep
It doesn’t really matter that much
As long as in Him, with Him and around Him I always seek

I jumped I leapt I felt high up above a pedestal
Some beauty that surround us we need to seek that make us emotional spiritual whatnot.. cerebral

What an awesome You oh you have been to me
As you try to test our faith that is truly the key
If we just hold on to Him no matter what it takes
It takes genuine faith that makes it work and happen for Him it’s just a piece of cake



What scares me —
Is when I walk on this valley
Not knowing what lies ahead for me
For you..and you..and thee

What scares me—
Is when You seem so distant am lonely
Nothing that life brings is baloney
Just be with me, in me, and around me

What scares me—
Is when I take a step ahead further
It’s always a choice, not a bother
But my heart at times ain’t in sync with my mind as I get bubbler

This journey that I take today
Makes me speechless some thoughts in array
I have to get moving to reach out to you
But in the abyss I know not what to do

What scares me—
Is when I feel am not ready
Life’s challenge is at times I feel ain’t for me
Though I know I should lean on thee

My mind and spirit say You died for each of us
This scares-me thing is unfounded I should not fuss
Walk by me , never walk me by I should trust
Each step is lucky,I should put my head up high..I must

Do not fear for I am with you
A music to my ear..as I preview
My life may have ups and downs
As you hold my hand and embrace me with your love that abound



Up up and away
Am going up, not to stay
Am jumping and leaping
High above from this grieving

Am in too much hibernation
Go beyond mundane conversations
I joyfully lift myself up
And go get grab my cup

I believe in the law of gravity
Think and do things with anonymity
Bearer of truth and justice
Everything that we seek and wish

My plans may not be Yours
Wishful thinking without recourse
He does things mysteriously
Beyond human understanding yet dearly

Am going up up and away
A decision I’d take come what may
Go beyond what holds you down
It ain’t worth to frown

Let bygones be bygones
Move forward to His kingdom
I may be unworthy
But that is what we are called to be



Jesus’ sacrifice this Lenten season
Is one among the array of reasons
His great love gives us hope for redemption
Forever we can be with Him, observing such tradition

This Lenten season is a sort of a vacation
Bonding with families, do some recreation
Which gives you ample time for a heartfelt meditation
Give up something you like in favor of His celebration

Do acts of kindness be it simple or grand
Ain’t it significant if you do such acts without anyone’s command
Reaçh out to others, lend your hand
Bake pastries or do some crafts or reflect go walking on the sand

The bible story is our life-story too
With lessons of wisdom for a number, not just for a few
Each lesson is applicable, a splice
Fight not, and live a bright life, arise



Oh the Figures of Speech
Is so much fun to teach
It allows you to express yourself explicitly
Or be gentle, subtle, say it indirectly

Alliteration is first in my list, that’s right-
Apple ate the almonds with appetite
Liek lives a life with lots of love
Lest you live a loveless life meaningless like a long laden log

Rhyme is just , oh yes, my favorite
Choose words wisely those that are intricate
Let go of words to flow with spontaneity
Coming from your heart in synch with your mind, that makes a melody

Hyperbole is such an exaggeration
You have rocked the whole world with your senseless actions
I have searched for you a million times
Am on the top of the world as I feel His presence through time

Personification is a kind of communication
To non-living things giving life and attribution
Like -the wind whispered words of wisdom
Or- figures of speech is a spice to words that sounds so boredom

Simile and metaphor are somewhat alike
Both are in comparison differing in words as-as and like
Faith as small as a mustard seed..
The words that you just uttered cuts my heart in half like a knife, it bleeds

The next time you choose to express yourself
Be it implied, expressed to be shared or just for thyself
The figures of speech is so much fun
Just sit down, start scribbling
Before you know it, it’s already done